Two player variant for "Meuterer"

By Åse & Henrik Berg (

We've tried to work out a good 2-player variant for Meuterer, this is what we've come up with:

  1. Remove the card "Schiffsjunge" from the Actioncard-deck

  2. One player is randomly selected as Captain.

  3. Each round goes as follows:

    1. One actioncard is randomly put away (face down, none of the players knows which one this is!) for this round. Thus, only 3 actioncards remain in the middle of the circle.

    2. The captain selects Maat-punkte (as in the usual game)

    3. Goods are played (as usual)

    4. When the captain doesn't want to play more goods, he sets the "Fahrtziel" as in the usual game. When the other player stops playing goods, he gets the three actioncards, and selects one.

      1. Lademeister and Händler work as in the usual game.

      2. Maat gets 1 point + the points given by the captain, as in the usual game.

      3. Meuterer starts a mutiny. The mutiny is played out as follows:

        • To decide whether or not there is a Maat this round, the two remaining actioncards + the one put away in the beginning of the round, are shuffled. The captain draws as many of these as he decided to give as Maat-punkte. Thus if he gave 2 points to the Maat, he draws 2 of the 3 actioncards. If he gave 0 Maat-punkte, he draws no card at all. If one of the cards drawn by the captain is the Maat, he gets support from the Maat in this mutiny. That gives one extra strength-point (weapon), but also draws victory points from the captain, as in the usual game.

        • The captain plays weapons.

        • The mutineer plays weapons.

        • Three goods-cards are drawn for each Maat-point awarded by the captain. So if the captain gave 1 Maat-point, he gets to draw 3 cards, 2 = 6 and 3 = 9. No Maat-points given = no cards drawn! Any weapons drawn, supports the captain in the mutiny. This is always done, even if the captain did not draw a Maat-card in this mutiny.

        • The result of the mutiny is calculated just as in the regular game.

    5. If there was no mutiny, the captain still has to draw cards to see if there was a Maat. This affects how many points he gets (since the Maat-point are to be subtracted from the captain's points).

  4. The game ends after 8 rounds.