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How to find accomodation

Depends on comfort and/or price you expect. We might help to some extent with reserving accomodation for you, but you may also contact these hotels directly:

Student´s hostel Strahov - Estec (cheap accomodation)

distance from Tyrs palace 15 minutes by city transport, 25 minutes on foot. There is a number of restaurants, buffets, discotheque, sports facilities in the place. 2,3 – bed rooms, reconstructed WC, shower common for 1 floor, TV and kitchenette on the floor.


  • min. 220 CZK / bed and night
  • single room  320 CZK / night

Hostel Sokol (cheap accomodation) 

Based right in Tyrs palace! 0 minutes from playing venue!

open nonstop. Kitchen, commmon shower and toilettes. Safe available. Capacity: 93. Rooms with 8-14 beds. More information on: +420 2 57007397, fax: +420 2 57007340, or email: Some pictures are here.

Very cheap accomodation

on the floor with your own sleaping bag and sleaping pad. 30mins by metro from playing venue. Price: 80 CKZ/night. Apply as soon as possible here.

Payment for the accomodation:

It is necessary to pay the full price on account of the Olympiad in advance, then enclose a receipt on payment to the application and send it till June 4th to

Bohuslav Dubanský, 
U staré  plynárny 8, 
Praha 7, 170 00
Czech republic

After that date we can not guarantee the accommodation at the same price and quality, but we will do our best to find appropriate substitute. For foreign participants it is possible to pay in these currencies:

1 USD – 35,50 CZK, 1 EUR – 31,50 CZK, 1 DEM – 16,00 CZK.

Other accommodation according to your requirements can be arranged by agreement. 

Account number of the Olympiad (to send non-reversible advancements for accommodation):  

account no.: 116674103/0300
swift code: CEKO CZPP

These information are absolutely sufficient to send money, but for your convinience:

account Name: Duha Desir
bank name: ČSOB Praha 5

Other possibilities

If you are looking for more comfort and you are willing to pay more than 1000 CZK for night, there are many possibilities you can choose from. We reccomend that you visit these sites: Aaron agency, Prague hotels, Hotelbase,, Accommodation On Line, Agency Mary´s, Bed & Breakfast company, BTC Guide, Delta Tour Praha, Easy travel to Prague, Hotels in Prague, Pensiony v Praze, Pražské hotely a pensiony, Travellers´Hostel, Welcome to Prague. You may also find some cheaper hostels in these databases. 

If you want to find where is your hotel located and you know its address, you may use this service (it is in Czech, but you should just enter the name of the street and click "Hledej" and you will see the map). Map of the venu (using this site) is here

We are not in any way connected to any of these companies, but if you have any good/bad experiences with their services, let us know.

How to find the venue (Tyrsuv dum)

If you are really into adventure, it might be sufficient to give you only these coordinates:
System Mind Sports Olympiad venue
S-JTSK: 1043297,0 743991,0
S42: 5550443,9 3457571,1
WGS-84: 50° 5' ,54" 14° 24' 19,60"

 Otherwise you may look at this map (venue is denoted by red flag, you may zoom it out, move etc.) or just follow these instructions:

From train station

From central station (Praha - Hlavní nádraží) - where most international trains arrive.

Brief description: Get metro in direction Háje to the station I. P. Pavlova and than tram 22 or 23 to station Hellichova.

Long description: Get metro line C in direction Háje (there is a metro station directly on railway station) to the station I.P. Pavlova (two stations), than take tramway 22 or 23 in direction Brevnov across the city to station Hellichova. It is 6 or 7 stops an you will see some of Prague sights. If you get off at Národní divadlo (National theatre; 4 of 5 stops) you can reach Zofin palace, where big chess and Draughts tournaments will be held. But do not do that, because info point is located at Tyrsuv palace ;-). Alternatively, if you like metro, you can go to station Muzeum (hey this does not need translation), than change to line A, go to Malostrnské náměstí (Lessere touwn square) and than take tham 22 or 23 two stops to Hellichova. There is million of other possibilities, including pleasant walk across Karluv most (Charles bridge) and Kampa park, which you will discover at the place, so after few days you will feel that you do not want go back to home ... :-)

From Holesovice station (Praha - nadrazi Holesovice) - where most international trains arrive.


From bus station

From city centre

From airport

How to use

City transport in Prague

Prague has three lines of metro and good network of trams and busses. You will probably need only metro and trams, which can get you anywhere in the city centre. You have two options woth tickets: Either buy single tickets or a transport pass.

Sigle ticket - costs 12 CZK and allows you travel 60 minutes (90 in the evening and at weekends) by any mean of Prague transport (except taxis ;-) ). You should validate ticket at the beginning and than you can change as many times as you want using the same ticket.

Transport pass - this is probably best solution for most of you, because passes are quite cheap and allow you to travel as much as you want during its validity. If you stay longer than a day, it is often best to buy 15 days pass, because it is almost as cheap as the 3 days one.

Validity* Price
24 hours 70 CZK
3 days 200 CZK
7 days 250 CZK
15 days 280 CZK

* validity counts from the time of your first journey - you should validate your ticket first time .

Note: Some parts of tram network are under reconstruction (in particular the part across Venceslas square) in time of MSO, so actual state may slightly differ from your city guides. We will provide you with city plan and plan of transport network in the info point of MSO.

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